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Mobile Money offer loans from £500 to £25,000 secured against the value of a vehicle, using the logbook as security. We typically lend against cars which are less than 8 years old. A log book loan from Mobile Money is a great way for customers to get cash fast, without the hassle of going through credit checks and banks!

Unlock the cash in your car. Also lend on vans. trucks, motor bike and motorhomes(UK Applications only) offers simple and fast loans for people who may have been refused a loan elsewhere if you have CCjs, Bad Credit or Self Employed you still apply.

quick log book loans

If you own you car free of finance.Then we can offer you a loan based on the value of your car. Secure finance against your lcar, van, motorbike or motorhomr We loan against classic and luxury cars including Ferrari, Aston Martin, Range Rover and Bentley and more. Cars are stored in a secure facility for the duration of the loan. Please note these are not ‘log-book loans', as you will not be able to use the car for the duration of the loan. 
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Unlock the cash in your car. Also lend on vans. trucks, motor bike and motorhomes

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Want your cash within one hour?

Unlock the cash in your car, motorhome, van or motor bike with a logbook loan!.


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Fast Logbook loans 247