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The Quick Cash Clob

Borrow 600 over 18 months. Repaying 81.13 a month. Total repayable 1460.73 Interest Rate 140% (variable) Representative APR 304% (variable)

Borrow CASH upto £500

More information on Borrowing
Paying out the Loan
Loans are paid out into the Guarantor's bank account. This is a measure that helps us prevent identity fraud.

Type of Loan
The Quick Cash Club is a guarantor instalment loan paid back in equal instalments over a set period of time.

How Repayments Work
You choose the repayment date monthly, and on that date we’ll attempt to collect the repayment from your debit card using continuous payment authority. If your payment fails on the day that it’s due, we’ll notify you of this. We’ll attempt one more time to collect the payment from your debit card the following day and if this fails we will attempt to collect the payment from the Guarantor.

Difficulty repaying a loan
If we are unable to collect a monthly payment we will phone, email and text a reminder. The last thing we want is for late payments to get out of control, and because we are a guarantor lender if a borrower doesn't make a payment then the guarantor has to.

Credit reference agencies
We report all account activity to credit reference agencies. This means that if a loan is not repaid on time it may adversely affect both the borrower and the guarantor's credit rating and make getting further credit more difficult.

Quick Cash Loans Guarantor

Need a loan for any purpose?

Loans up to £15,000!

Even with bad credit problems such as CCJ's, defaults or even mortgage
arrears Loan 'n' Go can still help!

Borrow upto 15000 with the repayments spread upto 10 years. We will endeavour to get the best interest rates available. Here are some advantages of Poor Credit unsecured loans: .Simple to online application process .Borrow between 200 and 15000 .Loans for any purpose .Flexible repayment plans to suit your needs .Variable interest rates !

We have helped literally thousands of people obtain credit after being refused from the High street.